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  1. Real Estate Law
  2. Corporate Law
  3. Civil Law
  4. Litigation and Alternative
    Conflict Resolution
  5. Banking and Financial Law
  6. International Contracts
  7. Assistance with diagnosis and
    solution of legal risks
    (Due Diligence)
  8. Labor Relations Law
  9. Penal Economic Law
  10. Tax Law and International Fiscal Policy
  11. Intellectual Property Law
  12. Competition and Antitrust Law
  13. Administrative Law
  14. Customs and Admiralty Law
  15. Environmental Law
  16. Immigration


  1. Investment Portfolio for Local
    and International Investors
  2. Insurance



Real Estate Law
Rizik & Associates has vast experience in Real Estate Law. In us, you will find the legal assistance that you need to negotiate terms of sale contracts, rent contracts, and Joint Venture Agreements. We represent promoters of commercial, residential and tourism projects as well as buyers, sellers, and occupants. We draft Condominium Statutes for commercial, residential, and tourism projects. With the view of providing our clients a comprehensive, one-stop-shop service, we also supervise sub-division, land delimitation and property title processes.

Corporate Law
Rizik & Associates is distinctly experienced in giving legal advice in corporate law. We bring our clients the best corporate legal solutions, using the most sophisticated tools such as: Mergers and Acquisitions, and Takeovers. We structure business schemes for our clients through the incorporation of national and offshore corporate vehicles, tailor made or off-the-shelf.

Our team’s academic formation has drawn from the best universities in world rankings, combining legal and business backgrounds, which enables us to have a broad vision, essential for successful professional assistance.    

Civil Law
Our practice in Civil Law, as common law in the Dominican Republic, encompasses all its related areas. Rizik & Associates advises and represents its clients in matters of Civil Liability, Civil Actions, Family Law, Obligations, Contracts, Patrimonial Organizations, and Inheritances.

Litigation and Alternative Conflict Resolution
Rizik & Associates represents its clients in litigation processes in all branches of law: Civil, Commercial, Tax, Constitutional, Intellectual Property, Real Estate, Banking, and Finance.
With a deep commitment to swiftly solving conflicts in the most effective way while mitigating risks and reducing costs, we also offer Alternative Conflict Solution services, such as Civil and Commercial Arbitration, Negotiation and Mediation, both Ad-hoc and Institutional.

Banking and Financial Law
Rizik & Asociates offers advice to clients who are related to the monetary and financial system of Dominican Republic (Multiple and Investment Banks, Asset mediators, among other financial institutions). Our service extends to the most complex structures of financing, representing lenders as well as borrowers on simple or syndicated credits.

We offer assistance in the realization of complex transactions that involve structured products like BIMBO operations (Buy in Management Buy Out), MBO (Management Buy Out), LBO (Leverage Buy Out), MBI (Management Buy In) and M&A (Merger and Acquisitions), Securitizations and the Acquisition of assets. We also offer advice regarding compliance with national regulations and fiscal programs.

International Contracts
Due to the growing role of globalization and international commerce in the Dominican Republic, Rizik & Associates offers its clients the legal support and contractual security to ensure successful business transactions. In this sense we advice, negotiate, and draft Agency, Distribution and Franchise Agreements, Turnkey Industrial Contracts as well as Joint Venture Agreements, among others.

Assistance with diagnosis and solution of legal risks
(Due Diligence)

The identification of legal contingencies and risks at the moment of consolidating a commercial relationship, merger or acquisition of a company is crucial. Rizik & Associates offers legal audits in the Financial, Labor Relations, Administrative, Mercantile, Civil Liability and Litigation areas; assuring our clients secure, successful closure of their business transactions, providing contractual protection from possible hidden vices and potential risks.

Labor Relations Law
Our firm assists employers or senior employees and directors in the field of Labor Law. We represent our clients in judicial proceedings and negotiate alternative solutions through settlements. We elaborate, negotiate, and register labor contracts. We assist our clients in the closure of work agreements and conflicts with labor unions. We negotiate, draft and enforce collective bargain agreements. We design fringe benefits programs for employees such as complementary salaries, extraordinary compensations, bonuses, and stock options plans.

Penal Economic Law
Our firm assists entities in bankruptcy and dissolution processes. We negotiate Creditors Agreements and provide assistance and judicial representation to clients in Fraud, Swindle, and Bankruptcy cases. We assist both local and foreign clients in funds collections and recovery of investments.

Tax Law and International Fiscal Policy
Rizik & Associates gives fiscal advice to its clients providing all the information needed for timely compliance of fiscal and tax regulations, thus preventing penalty fees and interest charges. Our firm also assists its clients in the reduction of fiscal impact using the rights given by law to contributors, always adhering to legality. We assist in controversies that could arise between our clients and Tax Institutions in the administrative and legal process fields.  

Intellectual Property Law
Rizik & Associates offers assistance with Patents, Brands, Trademarks, Names, Industrial Designs in ONAPI, WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and OAMI. We draft contracts for audiovisual productions, exploitation rights, and offer judicial representation for the protection and defense of our clients’ exclusive authors’ rights or copyrights.  

Competition and Antitrust Law
In view of the rising competition and expansion of markets, encouraged by the signing of international Free Trade Agreements such as the DR-CAFTA, and due to Law 42-08 regarding the Defense of the Competition based on the Constitutional Freedom of Enterprise, Commerce, and Industry rights, Rizik & Associates assists its clients ensuring they may compete in a fair and healthy environment, defending them from the abuse of dominant positions, illegal competition, restriction of free trading, and anti-competitive practices. We also assist our customers advising against these unlawful practices.

In the same way we represent the interests of our clients as consumers when they have suffered damages stemming from noncompetitive or abusive practices by competitors.

Administrative Law
Our firm offers legal assistance in defense of individual rights from an abusive or illegal use of public office by representing our clients in the preparation and submittal of legal actions necessary to safeguard and restore their rights.

Customs and Admiralty Law
Rizik & Associates offers its clients an holistic service in which we bring not only the legal advisory crucial for the greater mitigation of risks in maritime transportation (Incoterms), but we also manage the fiscal aspect referring to our clients’ imports and exports.

Environmental Law
Given the fact that investments in Tourism are core to national macroeconomics, Rizik & Associates provides its clients the most complete service, obtaining the necessary environmental permits and performing the required Environmental impact Assessments during project development stages.

Rizik & Associates assists physical and corporate entities regarding immigration and migration regulations in the Dominican Republic. We advise and assist foreigners in the regularization of their migratory status. We manage Residence permits (temporary, permanent, and investment), Naturalization processes, Work permits, travel permits for international travel of minors, and establishment of domicile for corporate entities.



Investment Portfolio for Local and International Investors
Rizik & Associates, as a law and business firm, offers its clients a wide variety of opportunities for investments - previously studied and evaluated from a legal standpoint. Our clients have the assurance of making wise and secure investments with all our legal support as well as our assistance in administrative and registry matters. We provide a comprehensive service, which combines business with the legal support of our firm.

We concentrate on investments in the tourism sector, given the fiscal benefits and high profits of the investment. Our portfolio provides opportunities for both individual and institutional investors as well as for developers.

To protect its clients, Rizik & Associates provides insurance advice as it relates to both regulations and norms, as well as in selecting products that will appropriately fulfill their needs. We have strategic alliances with Insurance Companies who have been pioneers in the local and international markets, through whom we are able to offer sound risk management packages for our clients.