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Rizik & Associates was established in 1991 as a law firm dedicated to excellence, founded on solid principles and moral values. R&A is characterized as providing prompt, efficient legal services, backed by the exceptional academic formation of each of its member and enriched by ample experience in each area of specialty.

From its beginnings, Rizik & Associates identified the prevailing need in the Dominican market for a legal team with a business vision able to offer its clients sound legal advise aimed at the development of successful investment strategies. This is why we have paid special attention to Real Estate Law, an area where we have participated in important sale transactions, joint venture agreements, in kind contributions and a variety of other operations structured for the best performance and profits of those who have put their trust in our firm.

R&A maintains a permanent continuing education program for our attorneys aimed at ensuring that we stay at the forefront of policy changes and the rapidly evolving market. Always concerned about adding value to our clients and society, we continuously engage in research projects, some of which we have published in prestigious legal and business journals.

It’s no coincidence that our clients’ portfolio lists industries of high incidence in the national economy for whom it is an honor and privilege for us to serve.

Rizik & Associates is an active member of prestigious international networks such as The American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic, among others.

As sponsors and facilitators of Justice, we seek to be actively engaged in defending the rights of the underprivileged; in this sense, the firm takes on pro-bono cases, to help promote equality in our society and thereby strengthening our democracy.